Are you ready to
transform your workforce?

Lynx is your solution to attract and retain frontline talent, upskill employees and increase diverse representation at every level

Relevant Content

A curated catalogue

Lynx partners with best-in-class online learning providers that have been vetted for quality and relevance

We offer a catalogue of programmes that are aligned to your strategic objectives and valued by employees

Employee Experience

A coach for every learner

We match learners with expert coaches who support them along every step of their learning journey

Success Coaches deliver a high-touch experience, including programme enrollment advising, ongoing live coaching sessions, and career guidance

Performance Insights

A guaranteed ROI

You have access to an integrated insights dashboard that tracks learner progress, engagement, and ROI

Lynx handles end-to-end administration of your investment, from learner onboarding to budget management

Investing in your workforce is good for your employees’ future and your bottom line


Attract & Retain Talent

Offer engaging and relevant learning experiences that will make your employees want to stay with you and continue to grow


Upskill Your Workforce

Take the guesswork out of a fragmented corporate learning market by connecting employees to the specific skills they need to move up and fill critical gaps in your talent pipeline

Reinforce DE&I Strategy

Go beyond “access” to learning by ensuring all your employees have equitable pathways to career advancement, embedding diversity and inclusion into your company DNA

Lynx Use Cases

Fast Casual
Restaurant Chain

The Challenge

Reduce employee turnover from 80% to drive better retention and customer service

Our Solution

Design a learning solution with certificate and degrees programs in business, tech and English language, in complement to existing internal job-specific training provided by the employer

Retailer Operating
Across Europe

The Challenge

Upskill 500+ frontline employees in customer-facing roles to increase employee productivity and retention

Our Solution

Propose a learning solution with foundational skills, certificates and degrees in several languages, with additional programming focused on customer service and retail skills

Consulting Firm

The Challenge

Attract more candidates to entry-level tech consulting positions, especially from under-represented and non-STEM backgrounds

Our Solution

Co-create a Tech Academy to train new hires in specific skills for immediate client needs and propose learning to solutions to build career pathways