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Deliveroo, a leading food delivery platform, has always been focused on building its proposition for riders based on what they value most. This year, Deliveroo partnered with Lynx to offer free education to their rider fleet, as a way to show the company’s deep commitment to investing in riders’ personal and professional goals. Over 100K riders and their family members around the world have access to over 1,500 courses.

What Deliveroo Needed:

Deliveroo was interested in expanding their existing “Rider Academy”, an education perk that launched in 2018 and was managed predominantly in-house. Specifically, Deliveroo was looking to:

  • Increase choice for riders by expanding the Rider Academy to include additional flexible, engaging learning offerings across multiple subject areas and languages.
  • Make the Academy more accessible to riders across 10+ EMEA countries by adding relevant learning and dedicated rider support in multiple languages.
  • Reduce the administrative burden of managing the Academy, while providing Deliveroo managers with access to centralized data tracking and outcomes reporting.

Why Deliveroo chose Lynx:

Deliveroo chose Lynx as its partner to take the Rider Academy to the next level of impact. With an easy-to-use, customizable platform, Lynx helps companies like Deliveroo reward workers through offering access to learning, career navigation support, and benefit administration tools, all in one place.

Curated Catalog

Deliveroo and Lynx partnered to design a curated catalog of learning programmes aligned to rider interests and business needs. Deliveroo riders and family members can choose from more than 1,500 online courses delivered by the likes of The Open University, OpenClassrooms, and Chegg Skills. Courses are offered in English, French, and Italian, ranging from project management and coding to photography and language learning, and are specifically designed for learners to study flexibly around their work.

Career Advising & Support

Because the flexible work Deliveroo offers is often a stepping stone to progress in other careers, Deliveroo was interested in leveraging the Academy to help riders take the next step in their careers. To support this, Lynx offers riders access to 1:1 advisor support and career navigation resources in the language of their choice, helping them navigate their educational options and career goals.

Data & Insights

Access to rich data and insights was a key priority for Deliveroo. Through the Lynx Dashboard, Deliveroo managers have access to real-time data on rider engagement and learning outcomes, with customizable views by geography and learning type.

Francesca Zoccheddu, Deliveroo’s Rider Partnerships Manager in France, reflected: “We have been really happy with the response from riders since the partnership was initiated. It is gratifying to witness a high number of enrollments in learning programmes following our communications and, most importantly, to see that this can help riders who are willing to take their professional journey to the next step.”

The Impact

Since the launch of the Rider Academy in January 2024, more than 6,000 riders and family members have created an account with Lynx, and over 2,000 are actively learning on the platform. Rider feedback has been positive so far, with surveyed riders rating their Deliveroo Academy experience 8.1 out of 10 on average when evaluating programme selection, the enrolment process, and advising calls.

Many riders are working flexibly with Deliveroo while pursuing other careers, and are leveraging this opportunity to upskill in key areas. For other riders, getting this opportunity from Deliveroo is helping them build critical skills to change their career path. Here are 2 testimonials from riders enrolled with the Academy.

As a graphic designer, I had done a few web projects already, but I was using WordPress and templates. With this OpenClassrooms programme, now I know how websites are implemented. This course is getting me comfortable in front end web development. It will expand my skills as a designer and artist, and it will fasten up my projects in the future.

JamolRider based in UK

Having an opportunity like this really can change your life. It might not be instant, it might be in a couple of years, or even if it's a skill you use in 10 years. But if you have time, use the opportunity.

JelenaRider based in Ireland enrolled in the Sales Professional programme with Chegg Skills

Christina Lewis, Deliveroo’s Head of Global Rider Experience and Partnerships, has seen the added value of Lynx’s all-in-one education benefit platform: “From enrolling riders onto the learning platform to understanding user engagement, Lynx allowed us to expand our education perks, rolling rider learning opportunities into a single platform with multiple providers and subjects. With Lynx, we can easily validate users and have built an intuitive user experience for learners. Riders now have access to a broader offering of programmes in different languages, as well as advisors who support them in reaching their goals.”

If you are interested in investing in your workers through launching an education benefit, or scaling an existing one, request a demo!