Join us on our mission

to provide access to career mobility for every frontline worker in Europe


Lynx partners with universities, bootcamps, certificate providers, and other workforce training organizations to deliver top-quality, relevant learning. Our learning partners offer industry-aligned programs that help people excel in their current jobs and prepare for the next one

At Lynx we are constantly scanning the market in search for innovative learning providers who are as passionate as we are about closing the skills gap and providing quality learning experiences to everyone

Why You Should Become a
Lynx Learning Partner


Access to a growing market of prospective learners

We partner with companies to offer employer-sponsored learning to their employees, unlocking access to prospective learners with little to no learner conversion cost to you 


Workforce and programme insights

We provide you with data and insights on how your programmes are performing across a diverse learner base, as well as workforce and industry insights to inform your programme development strategy


Ability to make an impact at scale

Together we can make an impact on thousands of people through quality learning content, personalized engagement, and meaningful career outcomes

How the Lynx Partnership Works

  • We partner with best-in-class learning providers that meet Lynx quality standards and are aligned to our mission

  • We work with you to identify relevant programmes for Lynx learners to add them to the Lynx catalogue
  • We select your programmes to include in employer catalogues based on their unique needs
  • We share regular programme-level and industry-level insights to help inform your future programme strategy

Our Partners