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  • All Deliveroo riders and their families globally will have free access to over 1500 educational courses ranging from language learning and business management to data science and coding.
  • Deliveroo is also sponsoring 100 riders to undertake higher qualification courses.
  • The new programme is run in partnership with Lynx Educate and courses will be delivered by partners including The Open University and OpenClassrooms.

19 March, 2024: Lynx Educate has announced a new partnership with Deliveroo to offer all their drivers globally an extensive range of educational courses, providing unique opportunities for riders and their families to broaden their learning and upskill for future careers whilst working flexibly with Deliveroo.

The Lynx Educate platform brings together various learning providers and higher education institutions into an easy to use platform, enabling Deliveroo riders to access a wide array of courses conveniently online and advisers to help reach their career goals.

Riders can choose from over 1,500 online courses delivered by the likes of The Open University, OpenClassrooms and Chegg Skills, and can study flexibly around their work. For many riders, working with Deliveroo is a stepping stone to other work opportunities and they will be able to access a range of courses covering business management, coding, project management, and photography amongst others.

Sylvie Milverton, CEO of Lynx Educate said: “We are excited to be partnering with Deliveroo to invest in their riders’ skills development. Through this partnership, riders and their family members have a unique opportunity to participate in meaningful learning programs and explore their career interests. We share Deliveroo’s commitment to offering education as a way to support and show appreciation for their valued riders around the world.”

Riders will also benefit from courses offered by two language learning providers, Busuu and Voxy, who provide materials to support 14 different languages including English, Arabic, Chinese, French, and Japanese.

In addition to offering a wide range of short courses free of charge, Deliveroo will be sponsoring 100 riders to take higher qualification certificates and select academic courses. These courses range from content marketing to web development to cooking.

One of the highlights of this programme is the opportunity for riders to extend this benefit to their family members or substitutes. All of the offered courses are fully sponsored by Deliveroo, demonstrating the company’s dedication to supporting the growth and development of its riders.

Camilla Kater, SVP of Care and Rider at Deliveroo said: “At Deliveroo, we believe in investing in our riders’ development, and the flexible work we offer is often a stepping stone to progress in their career. This new education and skills offering provides our riders with a unique opportunity to broaden their learning and upskill for the future.”

One rider from the UK who recently started a certificate programme said, “Thank you very much for organising this, I would like to say thanks for your collaboration, it means a lot for us Riders; I am really looking forward to the Project Management course I applied to.”

Aaron, a Deliveroo rider and freelance graphic designer, benefited from Deliveroo’s educational programme last year. He completed a web development course, enhancing his ability to create websites for his clients and grow his business. Speaking about the programme, Aaron said: “Between Deliveroo and my OpenClassroom course, I was able to work and study completely flexibly, and set my own schedule. The web development programme helped me grow in confidence and learn new skills that set me up to land a fantastic new job opportunity.”

Lynx Educate
Lynx Educate is an online education platform that provides workers access to career mobility. Lynx partners with companies to design a catalogue of certified education programmes from leading learning providers aligned to strategic company goals and worker interests. Based in Paris, Lynx is a female-founded startup working across Europe, backed by leading EdTech investors such as Southern New Hampshire University, Rethink Education, Emerge Education and Brighteye Ventures.

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