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Choose from an exciting catalogue of learning programmes paid for by your employer that will push your career forward

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Lynx Educate is offering you education and career guidance at no cost to you. When you sign up on the Lynx Platform you’ll see a catalogue of programmes ranging from business to tech to trade certificates, and what’s more: you are not alone! You get a coach just for you that makes sure you have all you need to successfully complete your programme and get to the next level in your career!

What you get

Take your future into your own hands. With Lynx, we are with you every step of the way.

A catalogue of exciting programmes

You choose from only the most engaging, relevant, and high-quality programmes that can change your career path

Designed for working adults
Flexible and accessible online programmes that are mobile-ready and adapted to your needs
Support at every step
One to one coaching and career quidance throughout your learning journey from onboarding to completion… and beyond!

Follow these steps

Log on to the platform to explore the catalogue

Schedule an onboarding call with your coach to identify the right programme for you

Select a programme, apply, and enroll

People Love Lynx


I’ve got 2 kids at home, so when they both got sick, I was
tempted to throw in the towel, but my coach helped me
through it!

Nina Dean, GER


I can’t believe how much I learned about coding, but also
about myself.

Natalie Francoeur FR


My coach always encouraged me to seek opportunities that
I didn’t know existed.

Sam Price, UK


Catalogue Overview

Core Foundations

Develop the core skills needed to open up opportunitites for career advancement

Example Programmes:


• English Language Learning

• Technology Fundamentals

• Career Readiness

• Soft Skills for Success






Level Up

Build the key skills you need for advancement in your existing role or career pathway

Example Programmes:


• Industry-specific skills certificates

• Frontline management courses

• Basics of IT

• Database Management





Career Launch

Become job-ready by learning the comprehensive skills to enter into new career pathways

Example Programmes:


• Sales Specialist Certificate

• Web Developer Bootcamp

• Project Management Certificate

• UX Designer Bootcamp